The Human Body – Set of 3 puzzles

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We have collated for you a set of 3 of our educational human body puzzles and given you a FANTASTIC price!

The Human Skeleton, Organ Anatomy & The Human Heart.


This puzzle set can also be ordered in Arabic & Hebrew – just write in the remarks section at checkout that you want an Arabic or Hebrew version!


These wonderful, educational wooden puzzles will keep your kids busy for hours, all the while giving them valuable knowledge and information about our body.

The human body is everything that makes up, well, you. The basic parts of the human body are the head, neck, torso, arms and legs.

Our bodies are supported by the skeletal system, which consists of 206 bones that are connected by tendons, ligaments and cartilage. The skeleton not only helps us move, but it’s also involved in the production of blood cells and the storage of calcium. The teeth are also part of the skeletal system, but they aren’t considered bones.

Humans have five vital organs that are essential for survival. These are the brain, heart, kidneys, liver and lungs.

The human heart is a responsible for pumping blood throughout our body.

Organ Anatomy
The Human Heart
“The Human Body – Set of 3 puzzles” Wooden Puzzle Kits are entertaining and educational puzzles for all ages and can be used as decorative items. They adhere to the Montessori way of learning and development.
They also adhere to the Waldorf way of learning and education

These activities can be enjoyed alone or with friends and family in a group setting.

Wooden Puzzles are wonderful indoor activities. Teachers, babysitters and nannies should keep these on hand throughout the year.

The model does not require glue to be assembled.


Wooden “The Human Body – Set of 3 puzzles” model kits are wonderful educational toys and a great way to teach children of all ages about our body.

They’re not just for kids. Teens, adults, anyone can enjoy these crafting kits. They’re simply perfect for family bonding. Even more, display the finished items as your family’s masterpieces.

Our products are made from the highest grade wood, both thick and sturdy which doesn’t splinter. Our products are of premium quality, designed to last as well as being unique, exclusive designs.

Our products come in a convenient flat package, which can be shipped anywhere in the world easily. The products come printed on wooden plates and are laser cut piece by piece. The product comes in a shrink-wrapped package with instructions and diagrams. Just pop the pieces out of the wooden plates and piece together according to the instructions.

Not recommended for children under 3 yrs

Length: 29.5 cm
Width: 20.5 cm
Height: 3 cm
Weight: 660 gram

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