About Us



Touchwoodesign (TWD) specializes in computerized development and design of wood products-such as 3D Puzzles, educational puzzles & 3D wall decor, manufactured using laser cutting technology.

Touchwoodesign offers a wide variety of products, which are directed at a wide range of markets and customers and for many purposes: among them are Gifts and Souvenirs, wooden Toys and Games, Trendy Giftware, Tailored-made products and gifts for client needs on demand.

A complete category of products from the Land of the Bible with motifs from Judaism and Christianity. Wooden Toys and Games according to themes. Animals’ world, such as: impressive array of wildlife and domestic animals, worldwide bird collection and diversified marine life. Transport Vehicles, as motorcycles, cars from different periods, airplanes, vessels, etc. Famous buildings of the world and Tailored-made products and many more.

Those products are directed at the entire tourism industry, like tourist shops in tourism sites, tourist attractions, museums’ shops which specialize in various themes. Theme parks, zoos, souvenir shops, game shops, do-it-yourself and many more.

The product comes as a flat wooden board with all its parts. Those parts can be easily disconnected from the board and assembled easily as a 3D product-like puzzle, with great fun and without the need for cutting tools and adhesives.

The flat panel of the product is lightweight and has a small volume. It is handy to pack and carry, thus it is also simple and inexpensive to ship to any point on the globe.

All the products are made of natural and environmentally friendly materials, which can be easily recycled. We are investing in the community and we are socially conscious and socially active.



Touchwoodesign (TWD) was founded in 2010 by Assaf Goldstein and Ofir Baruochi. Soon after, Yuval Kafry joined the company to assist with its business development and as an economic counsellor.


Touchwoodesign has the ability to design and create customized unique products (3D puzzles & 3D wall decor), for different purposes and diverse markets, specifically for the customer’s needs.

All products can be customized to different sizes, with additions and changes according to customer specifications.