Baby on the Way – Month-by-Month

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About to give birth? Finding it difficult to explain your new baby to your toddler?

We have created a designer puzzle to help you answer the questions and worries your youngster may have!

Interactive & Informative!!


This puzzle can be ordered in Hebrew – just write in the remarks section at checkout that you want a Hebrew version!


Pregnancy is the most natural of women’s bodily functions! But no-one can prepare you for how to explain your new situation to your young child who is simply bewildered by this sudden ‘bump’ in his/her mummy’s tummy!

Our educational wooden puzzle “Baby on the Way – Month-by-Month” has been specially created to help you share with your child what happens inside you during this wonderful period of 9 months!

Your child can play and learn at the same time, hopefully allaying his/her fears and worries about his future brother/sister.

And you can rest easy knowing that your child is now eagerly awaiting his/her brand new sibling!

The “Baby on the Way – Month-by-Month” Wooden Puzzle Kit is an entertaining, educational and interactive puzzle for all ages. It adheres to the Montessori way of learning and development It also adheres to the Waldorf way of learning and education

This activity can be enjoyed alone or with friends and family in a group setting.

Wooden Puzzles are wonderful indoor activities. Teachers, babysitters and nannies should keep these on hand throughout the year.

The model does not require glue to be assembled. It comes colored.


Wooden puzzle “Baby on the Way – Month-by-Month” model kit is a wonderful way to teach children of all ages about our body.

It’s not just for kids. Teens, adults, anyone can enjoy this crafting kit. It’s simply perfect for family bonding.

Our products are made from the highest grade wood, both thick and sturdy which doesn’t splinter. Our products are of premium quality, designed to last as well as being unique, exclusive designs. They are environmentally friendly and all are biodegradable

Our products come in a convenient flat package, which can be shipped anywhere in the world easily. The products come printed on wooden plates and are laser cut piece by piece. The product comes in a shrink-wrapped package.

Not recommended for children under 3 yrs.

Length: 29.5 cm
Width: 20.5 cm
Height: 1 cm
Weight: 142 gram

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