Sea World Puzzles – Set of 4

Price: $125.0

We have collated for you a set of our 4 new Sea World puzzles and given you a FANTASTIC 20% discount!

The 4 puzzles are: Hammerhead Sharks, Green Sea Turtle, Seahorses and Humpback Whale.


The set can also be ordered in Hebrew – just write in the remarks section at checkout that you want the Hebrew version!


‘Hammerhead sharks’ is the name of a group of sharks. There are nine species of sharks under this group. These sharks have a hammer-like head with small mouth. It helps in spotting their prey thanks to the wide-set eyes giving them a panoramic picture.

The green turtle is the largest species of hard-shelled turtles, and is the second largest of all sea turtles. These creatures are named for their layer of green fat that lies under their shell. Scientists believe this unusual quirky-colored fat is the result of their veggie diet , seaweed and sea grass.

Seahorses are tiny fish that are named for the shape of their head, which looks like the head of a tiny horse. There are around 36 seahorse species, which are found in tropical and temperate coastal waters where they swim upright among seaweed and other plants.

Humpback Whales are the world’s largest mammal. Humpback whales are acrobats. The humpback whale is considered to be the most active whale and is famous for its acrobatic moves. Given the name humpback because of the way they arch their back just before they dive, they are identified by their large flippers, big tail and hump-shaped back.

The Set of 4 Sea World Puzzles Educational Wooden Kit is an entertaining, educational & interactive puzzle for all ages. It adheres to the Montessori way of learning and development It also adheres to the Waldorf way of learning and education

The Set of 4 Sea World Educational Wooden Puzzles is an entertaining, educational & interactive set of puzzles for all ages and can be displayed as a decorative item.

This activity can be enjoyed alone or with friends and family in a group setting.

Educational Wooden Puzzles are wonderful indoor activities. Teachers, babysitters and nannies should keep these on hand throughout the year.

Educational, wooden puzzles/ toys for children & toddlers help them develop specific skills such as spatial awareness, concentration, fine motor ability & problem solving skills to name but a few.


Educational Wooden puzzles “Set of 4 Sea World” is a wonderful decoration in the house or office and a great way to teach children of all ages about our sea world.

It’s not just for kids. Teens, adults, anyone can enjoy this crafting kit. It’s simply perfect for family bonding.

Our products are made from the highest grade wood, both thick and sturdy which doesn’t splinter. Our products are of premium quality, designed to last as well as being unique, exclusive designs. All our products are environmentally and eco friendly, chemical free using only non-toxic, natural & organic materials.

Our products come in a convenient flat package, which can be shipped anywhere in the world easily. The products come printed on wooden plates and are laser cut piece by piece. The product comes in a shrink-wrapped package with instructions and diagrams. Just pop the pieces out of the wooden plates and piece together according to the instructions.

Not recommended for children under 3 yrs.

Length: 29.5 cm
Width: 20.5 cm
Height: 4.8 cm
Weight: 825 gram

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